Net sales in Automation in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 614 million (694) and EBITA amounted to SEK 77 million (99). Net sales during the financial year amounted to SEK 2,384 million (2,425) and EBITA amounted to SEK 245 million (267).

Overall, the Automation business area was affected marginally negatively by Covid-19. Very tough comparisons with last year’s final quarter and fewer planned deliveries of projects meant that sales decreased sequentially from the third quarter. Demand was good in the engineering industry, while the business situation was stable in other important segments such as medical technology, the defence industry, and data and telecom. The market situation among the companies operating in the markets outside the Nordic region remained affected by shut-downs and restrictions, although the market situation improved sequentially. Profit was affected positively in the quarter by a revaluation of contingent purchase considerations by approximately SEK 10 million, the margin was also being positively affected as a result of the year’s streamlining measures.

Automation - Sales per customer segment
Automation - Sales per geographic market



Net sales in Components in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 534 million (578) and EBITA amounted to SEK 59 million (65). Net sales during the financial year amounted to SEK 2,015 million (2,082) and EBITA amounted to SEK 196 million (218).

The Components business area was marginally negatively affected by Covid-19 and ended the financial year stably despite tough comparisons with the fourth quarter of the preceding year. The market situation in Denmark was favourable in the quarter and stable in Sweden and Finland, while the business situation in Norway was weak due to the low willingness to invest in oil and gas. Demand remained good in the wind power market, as well as in electronics, and the recovery continued in the special vehicle and engineering industries. This year’s cost savings have had an effect on the margin trend, which was back to normal levels for the quarter.

Components - Sales per customer segment
Components - Sales per geographic market

Net sales in Energy in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 593 million (604) and EBITA increased by 4 percent to SEK 82 million (78). Net sales during the financial year increased by 6 percent to SEK 2,566 million (2,412) and EBITA increased by 16 percent to SEK 329 million (282).

The Energy business area was affected marginally negatively by Covid-19. The market situation in infrastructure products for the rebuilding and expansion of national and regional grids remains favourable, although the inflow of new projects decreased from very high levels, as expected. Long permit periods and lack of consulting capacity affect how quickly the build-out can occur. In wind power, demand remained at high levels and the market situation continued to recover for the units active in sales of niche products for power distribution, as well as in building and installation. A minor revaluation of contingent purchase considerations and currency differences have had a positive effect on the margin for the quarter.

Energy - Sales per customer segment
Energy - Sales per geographic market


Net sales in Industrial Process in the fourth quarter amounted to SEK 729 million (732) and EBITA amounted to SEK 52 million (113). Net sales during the financial year amounted to SEK 2,785 million (3,204) and EBITA amounted to SEK 288 million (445).

The Industrial Process business area was affected strongly negatively by effects of Covid-19, primarily due to the continued low demand for scrubber installation solutions, where sales decreased by about 80 percent compared with the same period in the preceding year. The market situation for the companies in special vehicles and the engineering industry continued to develop positively. The business situation in the process industry and demand for projects in the forest industry also remained favourable. Profits were negatively affected by a revaluation of contingent purchase considerations of approximately SEK 31 million for the quarter.

Industrial Process - Sales per customer segment
Industrial Process - Sales per geographic market

Net sales in Power Solutions increased in the fourth quarter by 6 percent to SEK 462 million (434) and EBITA amounted to SEK 63 million (68). Net sales during the financial year amounted to SEK 1,606 million (1,630) and EBITA amounted to SEK 209 million (231).

The Power Solutions business area was affected moderately negatively by the effects of Covid-19. Sales of products in special vehicles also developed positively in the fourth quarter, with demand continuing to increase. Demand was favourable for customized battery solutions, as well as in data and telecom, medical technology and defence. The business situation in wind power was stable during the quarter, while sales decreased for the companies operating in power supply. Margins have recovered to normal levels thanks to cost savings and the recovery in special vehicles.

Power Solutions - Sales per customer segment
Power Solutions - Sales per geographic market

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